Our Leadership


Our leadership

The Board of Directors and Executive Committee collaborate to bring life-changing innovation to address key unmet needs.

‘Science in the service of people’ – a message from Per Falk, President and Chief Science Officer at Ferring

For 70 years, Ferring has been discovering and developing medicines that enhance birth, life and living. Today we are a global company, but we have never lost sight of how we started: as a family.

Families matter, no matter what shape or size, and that is why we are committed to building healthy families worldwide and why we aim to be the world-leading, most trusted healthcare company in reproductive medicine and maternal health. We work together to apply new science to unmet needs in fertility, pregnancy and birth, and we are also committed to expanding access to treatment and care for potential parents. We believe in everyone’s right to a family, and that no woman should die while giving life, no matter where in the world she happens to be.

We are also working to apply science in the service of people in the area of gastroenterology and urology, where our expertise, curiosity and passion for pushing the boundaries of medical science are helping people live better lives. In keeping with our science-driven approach and confidence in the power of research, we are also moving into new areas of technology and biology, employing recent breakthroughs in gene therapy and microbiome research.

Our science and our drive to develop life-changing medicines matter, but they aren’t our reason for doing what we do. Our reason is our people: our patients, healthcare professionals, employees, partners, neighbours, communities and families.

Per Falk
President and Chief Science Officer, Ferring Pharmaceuticals