Employee’s Life


Employee’s Life

We strive to create a flexible and family-friendly workplace where everyone can design a life and a career that is uniquely theirs and based on their strengths.

Your Life at Ferring

Every day we work together to help people build families and live better lives. That’s who we are – people helping people. ​

This idea applies not only to our patients but also to our 7,000 talented team members. Through individual development plans and coaching, we strive to create a flexible and family-friendly workplace where everyone can design a life and a career that is uniquely theirs and based on their strengths.​

At Ferring, we commit to offering a supportive workplace where, through education and awareness, all of us will seek to understand the challenges faced by those going through fertility treatment and other routes to parenthood. ​

Ferring has been accredited as a fertility friendly employer by the organisation called, Fertility Matters at Work. ​

Being fertility friendly accredited™ recognises Ferring’s participation in awareness raising activities. Listen to our Global Head of Ethics, Mary Knight, on this podcast to learn more.

Pooja Jalan ​
Senior Legal Counsel, Copenhagen

“My one and a half years at Ferring so far have been fantastic. I get to do and learn new things every day in an extremely supportive environment where I have the freedom to operate independently but can also reach out for help or advice when needed. Because most teams are lean, if you put your hand up to take on a task and show that you can do it, it is yours. ​

Growth opportunities at Ferring are aplenty as people have the option to move roles within the company allowing employees the opportunity to try out new areas of work (sometimes in a brand new location!) whilst remaining in the same organisation. ​

The workplace is very diverse and open, and everyone is respected and made to feel welcome instantly, regardless of who they are, their gender identity, where they come from, or their years of experience. There is a strong sense of trust and teamwork amongst colleagues, which leads to a very positive and collaborative work culture and experience. ​

To get to go to work every day surrounded by intelligent and caring individuals, in state of the art facilities, where your growth and development is taken seriously, where you are tested, have the resources that you need to do your job well, and immense flexibility to juggle your personal and professional priorities, is special, and at Ferring we are very lucky to have all of this and more.”

Explore how we support our employees’ Family journey​

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