We strive to provide an environment where you can lead a fulfilling career while providing financial, health and well-being benefits with the flexibility to achieve the all-important work-life balance.


Wherever you call home, your achievements and what matters to you, at Ferring you can look forward to inclusive and comprehensive rewards.

As a global business, we appreciate the diverse nature of our life priorities. There are some of us that seek opportunities for growth, explore our strengths and pursue the challenge. Others value the flexibility to balance a career with family life, or for some a competitive salary and an attractive benefits package. Perhaps it is your desire to work in an international and diverse environment and experience the world.​

At Ferring, we are united by our mission to help people live better lives. We strive to provide an environment where you can lead a fulfilling career while providing financial, health and well-being benefits with the flexibility to achieve the all-important work-life balance.​

Aligned with our mission, we also believe that everyone has the right to a family. This goes for our employees too and we commit to helping them fulfil this through a holistic, inclusive and accessible support package.  Learn more on how we support our employees with our Building Families support package for those who wish to pursue a family.

Your recruiter can tell you more about the benefits offered in the country where you apply.

Employee’s stories

Sumeyya Tegally
Product Manager Uro-Oncology Canada

“Beginning your career in a new industry is not only challenging but sometimes can be a bit scary. When I first joined Ferring Canada as an Intern, I was completing my Masters in Biotechnology at the University of Toronto. I was interested in the pharmaceutical industry but did not know much about it.  ​

During my year-long placement, I was able to learn a lot. Amongst many other opportunities, I was given a chance to present to senior leadership regularly. This was not something I expected to be able to do as an intern, but it reflected the amount of trust and support that my managers had in me. ​

I am incredibly grateful that Ferring has allowed me to learn and grow rapidly within the organisation. Following my internship, I was able to take on my current position as a Product Manager. ​

In my new role, I can be agile and confident in my team contributions. This has been possible because of the amazing encouragement that I received as an Intern, and continue to receive, as I pursue my own personal and professional growth, and have an impact on the business.​

I’m excited to continue my journey here at Ferring!”​

Nukhet Broughton-Rouse
Product Manager, Australia Specialty Medicine​

“I have over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. I joined Ferring in March 2017, as a Territory Manager in Ferring’s Gastroenterology team. In June 2021, I stepped into the role of Associate Product Manager and in August 2022, I was promoted to the role of Product Manager. ​

I loved my role in sales, however, being a curious individual with a passion for learning and having a strategic mindset, I not only wanted to expand my strengths and skills but deeply believed I had so much more to contribute to Ferring and my team’s success. I am incredibly grateful for all the opportunities and support Ferring has given me. These include projects in marketing, participation in the Building Future Leaders development centre, being involved in Ferring’s healthcare professional web portal project team, and most recently, I’ve been selected as the Ignite Ambassador for Ferring Australia.​

I am consistently developing myself through internal opportunities and external courses. One area I’m passionate about is developing my digital competencies to ensure we develop a Multi-Channel Approach to the promotion of our gastroenterology portfolio.​

I love and enjoy my role as a Product Manager and as my journey continues, I will continue to learn and grow, further expanding my knowledge, strengths, and skills.”​

Explore how we support our employees’ family journey

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