Our actions


Our actions

Meeting our commitment to build families of every shape and size.


Living the commitment

At Ferring, we are working on research and development programmes to address some of the greatest challenges in reproductive medicine and maternal health. We are also working to help improve access to care and treatment, and to advocate for everyone’s right to build a family. Read more about how we are living up to this commitment here.

Learning from patients to improve their treatment and care

Ferring is committed to ensuring that the patient voice is heard consistently and continuously throughout the research, development and launch of our treatments. For example, Ferring has established a global fertility council of patient group representatives and fertility advocates, to ensure that fertility patient voices are heard and the patient community can contribute to our research and development programmes and in areas such as clinical trial and protocol design, product packaging, patient-focused materials and patient support activities.

Collaborating to reduce maternal and infant mortality

Ferring works in collaboration with leading organisations to reduce maternal and infant mortality. For example, Ferring works in collaboration with March of Dimes and Karolinska Institutet on research in areas of high unmet need including preterm birth.

Ferring has worked in partnership with the World Health Organization and MSD for Mothers to help prevent post-partum haemorrhage (PPH), you can read more about this here.

Closing the inequality gap

A gender data gap currently exists in healthcare, with investment in the development of treatments and services for women’s health significantly lower than investment in men’s health. Over 60% of our research investment is focused on the traditionally underserved and under-researched area of women’s reproductive medicine and maternal health. Our current research programmes focus on conditions with high unmet need including endometriosis, pregnancy-related conditions and infertility. In total, Ferring has 13 ongoing clinical trials involving 5,000 patients in the reproductive medicine and maternal health field.

To address racial inequalities in reproductive medicine and maternal health, Ferring has set up a racial equality taskforce to identify the ways in which Ferring can address racial disparities in access to IVF treatment and maternal mortality in our major markets. An innovation grants fund is also being set up, to support research aimed at reducing these disparities.

Working together to win hearts and minds

At Ferring, we are committed to tackling stigmas that surround fertility and reproductive health. We are committed to working with our patient communities to win hearts and to changing conversations, minds, policies and laws, so that everyone can access the personalised treatment, care and support they need to build a family.

We have worked with patient communities on a number of campaigns that address patient challenges, including #FertilityAwks and #IVFandProud.

Building on our commitment

The #ProjectFamily commitment inspires everything we do to build families worldwide. We are always exploring new ways that we can support the communities we work with.

We are working on projects that will bring us even closer to our commitment to help build families of every shape and size.

Keep an eye out for more information and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for regular updates and contact us on projectfamily@ferring.com to discuss how we can collaborate.

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