Ferring Research Infertility and Gynaecology GrAnt (FRIGGA) 2010 Theme Announced

Ferring Research Infertility and Gynaecology GrAnt (FRIGGA) 2010 Theme Announced
30 June 2009 pulse

Ferring Research Infertility and Gynaecology GrAnt (FRIGGA) 2010 Theme Announced

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 30 June, 2009 –

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is proud to announce the second Ferring Research Infertility and Gynaecology GrAnt (FRIGGA) today. The chosen theme for this second award scheme is “Reducing multiple pregnancies following infertility treatment”.

Two winning research institutions will be selected for their outstanding proposals for fundamental research to help gain an increased understanding of the assisted reproduction. The entries will be reviewed anonymously by an independent judging panel, composed of experts from around the world and chaired by global fertility expert Professor Paul Devroey, Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Brussels Free University, Belgium.

FRIGGA is a biennial, global grant for fundamental fertility and gynaecology research that was launched by Ferring in January 2008. The grant is named after Frigga, the goddess of fertility, motherhood, love, family and home from Scandinavian mythology.

The first two institutions to win the grant, were the University Medical Centre Utrecht, The Netherlands and the Universitair Ziekenhuis (UZ) Brussel, Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Belgium.

Both research institutions were selected for their outstanding proposals for fundamental research to help gain an increased understanding of the role of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in assisted reproduction.

Professor Paul Devroey said: “We were pleased by the high standard of entries for the first award and are extremely excited at the prospect of receiving new ideas and hope the next generation of winning proposals will be both innovative and feasible so that they may contribute to our overall understanding of successful fertility treatment.”

The research grant reinforces Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ position at the forefront of world research on infertility research. “We at Ferring are strongly committed to this area of medicine which we believe benefits not just those who wish to become parents, but society as a whole. The Ferring Research Infertility and Gynaecology Grant – The FRIGGA Award – underlines our continuing commitment to take the lead in ART,” says Dr. Pascal Danglas, Executive Vice President, Clinical R&D and Product Development, Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

The announcement of the winners will take place at: the 2010 European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) Congress in Rome (27th – 30th June 2010). The deadline for the submission of grant applications is 31st March 2010.

Please visit www.ferringresearchgrant.com for an online application form and guidelines on entering.

For all applications and questions regarding the grant application process please email the secretariat on frigga@greenhouse-communications.com.

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Infertility is generally defined as the inability to conceive naturally after one year of trying to become pregnant by unprotected intercourse. Infertility does not mean sterility, but it does signify a reduction in the chances of conceiving a child spontaneously. According to the World Health Organisation, between 60 and 80 million couples in the world are infertile1, and one in six couples have to seek help to conceive.2 The problem is found to lie with the male in nearly half of cases, although many attribute the rise of infertility to women opting to postpone motherhood until later in life, which often results in age-related infertility.

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    1. http://www.who.int/en/.
    2. Hull, MG et al. Population study of causes, treatment, and outcome of infertility. British Medical Journal. 1985 Dec 14;291(6510):1693-7.

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