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Ferring Pharmaceuticals Officially Opens Its Production Site and Global Administrative Headquarters

Saint-Prex, 6 July 2006 - Ferring Pharmaceuticals, the pioneering Swiss pharmaceutical group and world leader in industrial synthesis of peptides, today officially opens its new production site and administrative Headquarters in Saint-Prex in the canton of Vaud. The company has invested more than CHF 130 million in the project and will have created more than 350 jobs by 2008.

Accompanied by Mrs. Jacqueline Maurer-Mayor, State Councillor, Mr. Günter Dauner, the Syndic of Saint-Prex, and Mr. Frederik Paulsen, the Chairman of the Board of Ferring, more than 100 guests will today visit the 100,000 m2 site in its magnificent Saint-Prex setting.

Ferring International Center SA set up its headquarters in Lausanne in 2000 and the new production site underlines the company's commitment to the Lake Geneva region.

"We chose Switzerland for different reasons, including its highly qualified workforce, its central position in Europe and its accessibility, but the beauty of the Saint-Prex site was also an essential factor," said Mr. Michel Pettigrew, Ferring's Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Pettigrew also emphasized the excellent contacts with the various political and economic authorities of Vaud and the support they provided in bringing the project to successful completion.

The 23,000-m2 building houses all manufacturing stages from production to packaging and distribution, as well as a 3,600-m2 administrative section. Ferring has invested more than CHF 130 million in the project. The company employs 250 people today and will be increasing this number to more than 350 by 2008.

Light and transparency set the scene for the opening, reflecting Ferring's focus on the future. The production site was designed by the consortium Dolci Architecte / Tekhne Management in Yverdon-les-Bains and Lausanne, in collaboration with various local engineering companies. Daylight pervades the 15-metre high building, including the production area, thanks to the use of glass on the façades and in the inside corridors. For the new building, each Ferring subsidiary donated a work of art depicting its respective country, culture or history. These numerous eye-catching pieces emphasize the spacious proportions of the atrium.

"This new production site ensures supply of the medicines that we develop for our patients all over the world," said Site Director François Hosotte. He added: "Ferring has shown strong sales development over the past few years. At Saint-Prex, we are in a better position to respond to growing demand for our products."

Ferring is a Swiss-based, research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group active in over 40 countries. The company identifies, develops and markets innovative products in the areas of endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, infertility and urology.

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