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Press releases

New ferring.com goes live

Copenhagen, Denmark
December 1, 2004

Today Ferring Pharmaceuticals launches its new corporate website. In addition to an all-new design and improved functionality, more than 150 pages of new content allow web visitors to learn about Ferring and in particular its therapeutic areas.

"As a company that has developed rapidly over the past years Ferring needed a new virtual presence with more information about our company activities," says Michel L. Pettigrew, COO. 

In the new therapeutic areas section Ferring provides extensive disease information about the company and about the principle areas of interests: infertility, pre-term labour, inflammatory bowel diseases and bedwetting. In each area the visitor can learn more about the disease, treatment options and even follow animated illustrations of how Ferring's treatments work on the body's own terms.

The Ferring Philosophy introduced earlier this year, underlines the importance of creating value for the company stakeholders. "In our Philosophy 'People come First' we commit ourselves to only make available those products in which we have full confidence, and in that respect the new website allows our stakeholders to follow our projects from research through development and to learn about the disease areas we operate in," explains Mr. Pettigrew.

Because Ferring is actively seeking business development opportunities, a section on the new website contains information about Ferring's areas of interest, current partners and the partnership process. Besides 'Business development' and Therapeutic Areas' the main sections are 'Research & Development', 'News Room', 'About Us' and 'Working at Ferring'.

Among the new functionalities are a global locator that allows visitors to find Ferring's offices around the world within seconds and an interactive timeline that tells the Ferring history. At the time of the launch, the visitor will have the opportunity to view Ferring's corporate video on the homepage. Later, this area will also be used to offer interactive web casts and video streams of Corporate and Scientific events. Executive Chairman, Frederik Paulsen will take part in the first such event later-on in this month.

Please visit our new website on:  www.Ferring.com

About Ferring:

Ferring is a Swiss based research driven, speciality biopharmaceutical group active in global markets.  The company identifies, develops and markets innovative products in the areas of urology, obstetrics and infertility, gastroenterology and endocrinology.

In recent years Ferring has expanded beyond its traditional European base and now has operating subsidiaries in over 40 countries.

For more information, please contact:
Mette Nikolajsen
Communications Officer
Tel.: +45 28787198

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