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Ferring Pharmaceuticals announces new Board Member

Saint-Prex, Switzerland, 2 April 2009 - Ferring Pharmaceuticals announced today that Dr. John Patterson CBE FRCP has been appointed as a new Board Member with immediate effect. Dr. Patterson's key responsibility as a non-executive Board Member will be assuming the role of chairman of Ferring's Research and Development Committee.

Dr. Patterson was most recently active on the Board of AstraZeneca plc, where he had the role of Executive Director responsible for Development from December 2004 through to his retirement on 31 March 2009. Prior to this, John Patterson held a number of key roles in business and portfolio development for Zeneca and AstraZeneca and had an R&D career spanning 18 years with ICI Pharmaceuticals where he started as Medical Adviser in the Clinical Research Department in 1975.

Frederik Paulsen, Chairman of the Board of Ferring Pharmaceuticals stated, "We are delighted to welcome Dr. Patterson to our Board of Directors. His long-term, quality experience in both clinical research and product and portfolio development will, I am certain, bring enormous value to Ferring's Research and Development Committee and the activities it directs."

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