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Ferring Pharmaceuticals donates $1 million to McGill University

Saint Prex, January 22, 2009. Today, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, the international bio-pharmaceutical company, announced a $1 million donation to McGill University of Montreal, Canada. The money will be used to create Ferring Fellowships for graduate students, to finance environmental research in the Arctic, and to fund scientific research projects. Since its creation in 1950 by Dr Frederik Paulsen, Ferring has been focused on research, the application of rigorous scientific principles, and the best independent academic study. By donating to McGill University, Ferring will be able to continue this focus through creating a number of Ferring Pharmaceutical Fellowships. These will provide support to graduate students in McGill's Faculty of Medicine.

Marc Weinstein, Vice-Principal, Development and Alumni Relations, commented.

"We are thrilled that Ferring Pharmaceuticals is partnering with McGill University in this great initiative to provide support to our best graduate students and to further research at McGill."

Underlining its commitment to the global environment, Ferring will also be funding research in the Arctic, led by the climate change scientist, Professor Bruno Tremblay. This research will investigate both the causes of, and possible solutions to, the challenge of climate change.

Finally, Ferring will be providing ad hoc funding to scientific projects over the course of the next three years. McGill graduate students will be invited to submit proposals to the Ferring Research and Development team and funds will be allocated on merit.

Michel Pettigrew, President of the Executive Board and Chief Operating Officer of Ferring Pharmaceuticals, himself a graduate of McGill University, said:

"McGill is one of the world's best research-based universities and will be an excellent partner for Ferring going forward. We have always believed in the importance of investing in scientific education and research, and the programme we have developed with McGill will, we believe, make a telling contribution across a wide range of different areas."



About Ferring

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a Swiss-based research driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group active in global markets. The company identifies, develops and markets innovative products in the areas of endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology, fertility and urology. In recent years Ferring has expanded beyond its traditional European base and has operations in over 45 countries. To learn more about Ferring or its products please visit www.ferring.com.

About McGill University

McGill University, founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1821, is Canada's leading post-secondary institution. It has two campuses, 11 faculties, 10 professional schools, 300 programs of study and more than 33,000 students. The university launched Campaign McGill: History in the Making in October, 2007. With a starting goal of $750-million, the Campaign is the most ambitious fundraising drive ever by a Canadian university. http://www.mcgill.ca/

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