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Press releases

Ferring Kicks Off Campaign for Newest Product NORPROLAC at the International ESHRE Conference in Berlin

ESHRE, Berlin
29 June, 2004

Ferring France officially launches NORPROLAC, as a first start to a world-wide campaign

Ferring Pharmaceuticals will likely cause a stir in the French market as it begins promotions next month for the infertility drug NORPROLAC in Paris. With its new campaign, Ferring hopes to establish NORPROLAC as a strong competitor among market leaders DOSTINEX (Pfizer) and PARLODEL (Norvartis).

The NORPROLAC launch represents Ferring's initiative to strengthen its growing infertility drug profile in the global market. Ferring's goal is to increase sales of NORPROLAC through active promotion and support.

"Though it's been available for a number of years, promotional support has been very limited," said Mark Noggle, Senior Business Development Director at Ferring, Copenhagen. "Based upon the outstanding product profile there is considerable opportunity for Ferring to expand with NORPROLAC."

NORPROLAC is used to treat infertility in patients suffering from Hyperprolactinaemia, a disease with an excess level of the hormone Prolactin. The most common cause of Hyperprolactinaemia is growth of a prolactin-secreting (benign) tumor on the pituitary gland called a prolactinoma. This condition leads to infertility in a number of women.
Full Speed Ahead
The marketing offices at Ferring France have been abuzz with activity lately as the staff prepares for the upcoming product launch. As Ferring waits for the official go-ahead from the French Health Authority AFSSAPS, employees are attending special training seminars for the NORPROLAC campaign.
Ferring's initial NORPROLAC activities will focus on professionals in the field. "NORPROLAC has been available for a number years through another pharmaceutical company, however we at Ferring are excited to take over this new business opportunity which will further strengthen the existing Ferring infertility portfolio," said Nathalie Cockenpot-Roncin, Group Product Manager of Infertility and Obstetrics at Ferring France. The Paris office will provide doctors with information on NORPROLAC through presentations, mailed leaflets, and other printed material.

Ferring France expects NORPROLAC sales growth of 20% by 2005.  They hope to become one of the key players by 2009.

With a solid base of pre-established customers, Ferring believes that now is a beneficial time to expand and begin the new NORPROLAC campaign, says Business Development Director Mark Noggle.

NORPROLAC sales in the European market was approximately 5.3 million euros for 2003 and market experts project sales of 6 million euros for this year.

Ferring is also preparing for the September relaunch of NORPROLAC in Canada with the Germany, Spain and Scandinavia to follow. In the future, the company will focus on expansion into Italy and the US market.

Ferring is a research driven, speciality biopharmaceutical group active in global markets.  The company identifies, develops and markets innovative products in the areas of endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology, infertility and urology.

In recent years Ferring has expanded beyond its traditional European base and now has operating subsidiaries in over 40 countries.

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