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Meet James Deane, Ferring Innovation Grant recipient 

Some description Title: Research Fellow, PhD,Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Australia

Research Project: Investigating the requirement for Notch and Hedgehog signalling in the endometrial stem/progenitor populations that cause endometriosis.

We are looking to treat endometriosis by blocking key receptors in signalling pathways that drive lesion growth. We want to understand how the lining of the uterus escapes its normal environment and causes painful growths on other organs. We are incredibly grateful to Ferring for supporting this work.

What motivated you to research this area?  Endometriosis is a debilitating and silent disease. One in ten women has endometriosis, so everyone knows somebody who is or has been affected. Women undergo multiple operations to alleviate the pain, but continue to suffer. The cost is not only to the individual and her family, but to the economy. Exactly why endometriosis occurs is a puzzle and, as a scientist, I am always interested in understanding how things work.

What do you hope to achieve through the grant? I hope we can find new ways of treating endometriosis by understanding what drives the growth of lesions in this disease.The prospect of developing new treatments for a common disease and helping women and their families is extremely exciting.

Most challenging part of your research project? The pre-clinical model of endometriosis we use is technically challenging, but we are fortunate to have extremely talented and dedicated researchers working on this project.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Fascinated by biology.

Interesting fact about yourself? I studied algae before becoming involved in medical research.

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