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Meet Aritro Sen, Ferring Innovation Grant recipient

Some descriptionTitle: Assistant Professor, PhD, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, US

Research Project: Regulation of AMH expression by GDF9, BMP15 and FSH during follicular development as a novel therapeutic option

Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) is currently exclusively used as a diagnostic and/or prognostic marker for ovarian reserve, female infertility and reproductive disorders. We want to better understand the regulation of AMH expression and its mechanism of action in the ovary, with the aim of using AMH as a potential therapeutic option.

What motivated you to research this area?In recent times, there has been a significant increase in women opting for IVF or assisted reproductive technologies (ART) as couples are delaying having children. In fact, today fertility issues affect around 1 in 10 couples globally. Optimal treatment strategies based on individual patient characteristics are badly needed.  The need for something new, aimed towards the rising population of older women seeking help to conceive attracted me to this area of research.

What do you hope to achieve through your grant?This grant provides us with the means to perform some critical proof of concept pre-clinical experiments that will help to establish AMH as a potential therapeutic option and could be the basis for future clinical trials.

Most exciting thing about your research project? The possibility that the basic science we are doing in the lab can be translated one day to the clinic as a potential therapeutic option.

Most challenging part? Extending our observations in the lab to the clinic.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Driven, focused and determined.

Interesting fact about yourself? I am a big foodie. I like to try different types of food from different cultures and countries. I also cook as a means of relaxing.

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