Bobbie Thomas shares the advice and guidance she wished she had received prior to beginning her own fertility journey

Title: Do you have a passion for proteins and peptides? Subtitle: A call to early-stage researchers: apply now for Ferring Innovation Grants Program Text: We are proud of our home-grown innovation, but we know that just outside our laboratories there are brilliant minds who can help transform the lives of our patients. That’s why we are committed to supporting exploratory, discovery and pre-clinical research in collaboration with a broad range of organisations and through scientific grants, such as the Ferring Innovation Grants Program. This program, which opens today for pre-applications, is an initiative of the Ferring Research Institute, Inc. (FRI) and provides annual non-renewable grants of up to $100,000 for early-stage research. If you’re a basic researcher focused on novel extracellular drug targets addressable with peptides or proteins in our key therapy areas of reproductive health; urology; gastroenterology and hepatology; or endocrinology, then these grants might be for you! Learn more about the Ferring Innovation Grants Program and submit your pre-application: Read about the people and projects awarded the last round of grants: ‘Driven by science, passionate about people: meet the Innovation Grant Awardees.’ See more Stories


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