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Ferring Headquarters

Ferring International Center S.A.
Ch. de la Vergognausaz 50
1162 Saint-Prex
Tel:  +41 58 301 00 00
Fax: +41 58 301 00 10

Media enquiries 
If you have media enquiries, please visit the Media pages of our website for details.

Ferring Philosophy
If you become aware of potential misconduct and violations of the Ferring Philosophy, please report it to the Global Ethics Office.

Job search 
If you wish to apply for a job at Ferring, please visit the HR pages of our website for details.

Personal health 
If you have questions related to your personal health or if you have symptoms that could be the sign of an illness, please contact your doctor. Healthcare professionals are your best source of help and information. Ferring cannot provide medical advice to patients. 

Ferring products - general information
If you have general questions about a Ferring product, please contact the Ferring affiliate based in your country. You can find the list of Ferring offices under the Global Locator of our website.

Ferring products - side effects, adverse drug reactions, adverse events 
If you wish to report side effects, adverse drug reactions, adverse events or other safety information related to a Ferring drug, please write to Global Pharmacovigilance.

See also: Pharmacovigilance Privacy Notice
This Pharmacovigilance Privacy Notice describes how we collect and use Personal Data to fulfil our duty to monitor the safety of all FERRING medicines, also known as our pharmacovigilance obligations. This Pharmacovigilance Privacy Notice also describes how we fulfil our commitment to applicable national and European privacy data protection law.

Partnership with Ferring
If you are interested in Business Development opportunities with Ferring, please visit the section Collaborate with Us for more information.

For any other queries, please read Ferring’s Legal Disclaimer (including Privacy Policy) or contact the Ferring office in your country.



TEL:  +41 58 301 00 00
FAX: +41 58 301 00 10


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