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Ways to collaborate

Our corporate mindset is focused on identifying and developing meaningful innovations no matter their source. We think differently – and creatively – about how we work with our partners to build on our combined strengths across all stages of discovery, development and commercialization. As a privately owned company, our business model allows for great flexibility and creativity in crafting collaborations that suit these unique needs. We are always open to new ideas, and we strive to develop win-win partnerships and collaborations.

You will learn about different types of collaboration possible with Ferring – from grants, to early-stage research and development collaborations, to acquisitions and licensing agreements. Click here to collaborate with us.

Types of Collaboration

  • Grants

  • Ferring is committed to supporting exploratory, discovery and pre-clinical research in collaboration with a broad range of organisations and through our global research grants.

    The Ferring Innovation Grants Program, an initiative of the Ferring Research Institute, provides annual non-renewable grants of up to $100,000 for early-stage research focused on novel extracellular drug targets addressable with peptides or proteins in our key therapeutic areas.

    You can learn more about the Ferring Innovation Grants Program and the application process here: www.ferring-research.com/ferring-grants/overview/

    Ferring also supports a number of local grant and sponsorship initiatives in countries such as the US, Canada and Singapore. Visit your local Ferring website for more information.

  • Discovery and Early stage collaborations
    Discovery and Early stage collaborations

  • Ferring works in close collaboration with world-leading academics and biotechnology companies to translate new ideas into innovative medicines. We value partnership and working together to move science forward.

    We are focused on identifying emerging new ideas, targets, assets and technologies based on cutting-edge biomedical research in our key therapeutic areas.

    Areas of particular interest include:

    • Identification of novel drug targets addressable with peptides and/or proteins with an emphasis on our core therapeutic areas.
    • Convergence of peptide-protein technology and identification of novel peptide chemistry.
    • Peptide modulators of stem cell fate, the immune system and/or interaction with gut microflora.
    • Biomarkers for indications including but not limited to endometriosis, prostate cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

    We are also seeking pre-commercial opportunities that complement our existing portfolio and development competencies.


  • Late stage Business Development
    Late stage Business Development

  • Ferring’s approach to business development and alliance management translates into disciplined acquisitions and alliances that create or strengthen platforms for long-term growth, bringing worldwide innovative treatment options to our patients.

    Our areas of focus are:

    • Marketed products to leverage commercial infrastructure.
    • Differentiated late-stage products to enhance our pipeline.
    • Novel diagnostics, devices and technologies that complement our existing therapeutic areas.

    Approachable and responsive, our business development team has a strong track record of acquisitions and licensing, and drive successful deals to maximize the value of our alliances. From development and regulatory activities, through to approval and efficient launches, the team is committed to ensuring that your product reaches patients worldwide and gets the attention it requires.

Business Development Management



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