Business Development

What are we looking for?

Ferring's primary business development objective is to complement the company's portfolio. A key strategic objective is to grow our business in the United States and Japan. In particular, the company is interested in late-stage products (phase IIb and onwards), as well as products already marketed globally and regionally.

Areas of interest


    • Over the next few years Ferring will be looking for products to supplement PENTASA® and its R&D gastro pipeline for the treatment of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
    • Long term, Ferring is interested in new treatment options for inflammatory bowel diseases and other lower gastro-intestinal conditions.
    • Long term, Ferring is looking to develop the next generation of the GLYPRESSIN®-inspired treatments.

Reproductive health

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is committed to obstetrics and gynaecology where its existing products concentrate on utilising the body's natural processes to help couples conceive and to ensure a successful pregnancy.

By being able to offer new and innovative products in these areas, it is Ferring's vision to provide the best treatments to aid every stage of the reproductive cycle. 

Furthermore Ferring aims to help women to overcome and live with diseases of the Reproductive System.


Ferring is interested in innovative products to supplement its existing portfolio of drugs in the Urology and Uro-Oncology area.

We are also receptive to considering opportunities targeting specialty physician segments which may be outside of our core therapeutic areas.

Latest projects

Who to contact

Preclinical Research Programmes

The Senior Director of Business Development for the Ferring Research Institute is responsible for reviewing peptide and protein-based preclinical research programmes and technologies that have potential utility in Ferring’s core therapeutic areas.

Adrienne Day
Senior Director, Business Development Research
Phone: +1 858 657 1511 (USA)
email: at ferring dot com

Ferring Research Institute

R&D Innovation Sourcing

Ferring's Senior Vice President, Global Project and Portfolio Management, leads the evaluation of R&D opportunities in pre-phase IIB development and consults with other relevant Ferring divisions. In addition, he leads the out-licensing process of Ferring's early-stage compounds.

Early Stage Clinical Compounds and Drug Delivery Systems


Alan S. Harris

Senior Vice President, Global Project and Portfolio Management Phone: +41 58 301 00 00 (Switzerland) email:


Casper Johansen

Business Development Manager, Early Stage Portfolio Phone: +41 58 451 40 73 (Switzerland) email:


Geoff Harris

Director, R&D Innovation Phone: +1 858 657 1548 (USA) email:


Morten Persson

Director, R&D Innovation Phone: +45 88 18 71 50 (Denmark) email:


Donghui Qin

Director, R&D Innovation Phone: +86 21 80 303 090 (China) email:


Robert Woolley Manager, Innovation & Development Phone: +55 113 024 75 78 (Brazil) email:

Late Stage and Merger & Acquisitions

Ferring's Business Development team focuses on late stage compounds that are ready to go to phase III as well as on product and company acquisitions.


Bipin Dalmia
Vice President, US Business Development
Phone: +1 973 796 1600 (US)

Reproductive Health, New Therapeutic Areas and/or Europe

Edgar Koster

Senior Vice President, Global Operations Management  

Phone: +41 58 301 00 00 (Switzerland) email:

Gastro, Endocrinology, Urology and/or Asia, Middle East, Latin America

David Benathan

Senior Director, Global Business Development
Phone: +41 58 301 00 00 (Switzerland)



TEL:  +41 58 301 00 00
FAX: +41 58 301 00 10


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