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Over the past few decades, Ferring has developed a strong international profile, with nearly 60 local marketing and sales companies worldwide. Ferring's headquarters have been located in Lausanne, Switzerland since 2000 and moved to new premises in Saint-Prex, in 2006. The state-of-the-art, multi-purpose site provides additional production capacity with respect to Ferring's dry product range, as well as secondary packaging and distribution of all products.

In-house production is carried out in Argentina, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, Scotland, Switzerland, and the USA. The company has its own research centres around the world and its international service centre and development centre is located in Denmark.

If you are looking for a specific Ferring location, please use the Global Locator at the bottom of this page or the R&D and production centres links.

Ferring Headquarters, Saint-Prex, Switzerland

The Ferring Group has chosen Saint-Prex (between Lausanne and Geneva) for its new production site and headquarters.

The purpose-built 23,000 m2 facility was designed by the consortium Dolci Architecte / Tekhne Management, in collaboration with various local engineering companies. It houses all manufacturing stages from production to packaging and distribution, as well as a 3,600-m2 administrative section. Daylight pervades the 15-metre high building, including the production area, thanks to the use of glass on the façades and in the inside corridors.

Ferring headquarters employ around 700 people.

Go to Working at Ferring for more information on the working environment and vacancies at Ferring headquarters.

Marketing & Sales Companies

The Ferring Group is a well known company globally, with direct local marketing presence in nearly 56 countries and distribution in 110 countries.



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